DMC vs. Styles of Beyond 06-06-2007
Comment We had a bad match last wednesday. It started out by the server settings not being right, which meant we couldn't use the m203 or any sniper rifles. The last isn't that important but the nades would be missed a lot, as the server started lagging halfway into the first MG. SoB didn't seem to be having any problems with the server but maybe they were used to the lag on it, we couldn't hit the backside of a cow with a sledgehammer in there. We decided to play at least 3 maps anyway and lost all 3 of them. With nades we would at least have had a better chance of winning something.

Though it wasn't a particularly fun match we'd still like to congratulate SoB with their victory!

Website SoB
Players Westside, Sandspider, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Kneusje & Ice
Outcome 0-3 Loss