DMC vs. Quick Silent & Deadly 04-03-2007

We had a nice friendly match versus Quick Silent & Deadly tonight. We started out owning them on the first map, but during that map they changed tactics at some point making it a whole lot harder for us to keep things under control. It came down to the last minute to see who would win the map, we were fortunate enough to take the lowest zone level with 4 guys and keep it till the map timer ran out. The second map was a lot easier and we clocked it. On the EotD maps it never got really hard and we managed to control the zone most of the time, they did manage to clear us quite a lot but we would then retake the zone without too much hassle.

Thx a lot for yet another great match QSD, we hope to play you guys again in the future!

Website 1Unit
Players Westside, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Oely, Sammy, Chinshan, Space Kip & Ice
Outcome 4-0 win