DMC vs. Mbn 08-07-2007
Comment We had a nice match last sunday against Mbn. We expected to be the underdog this match and had set our hopes on winning at least one map, but the first map that hope seemed to be pretty far away since Mbn controlled the zone most of the time. We did make a final attempt to steal the map in the dying seconds by taking over the PSP and storm the zone, but that plan didn't fully succeed, although it must have broken atleast a little sweat on zoners of Mbn ;) 0-1.
On the 2nd map the odds were a lot more even and we managed to keep control over the PSP, which give as the chance to storm the zone more effectively. We were still outkilled, yet we did manage to clear Mbn with a minute to go and keep the zone for that last minute. 1-1 :D
The House of Pain maps were also surprising close, although Mbn did take control over the zone a little more often than DMC. In the end of both maps we did manage to make a final attack on the zone, but we had trouble to combine the clearing of the zone with keeping the front door closed for respawned Mbn members to walk back in again, so we didn't manage to actually win them. 1-3

Although we didn't win the match, we did enjoy playing it a lot, because it was friendly and intense match and we also know that playing clean matches like these are rare these days.

Congratulations Mbn and I bet there will be a re-match somewhere in the future. Good Game All!!!

Website SoB
Players Westside, Sandspider, KB11, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Ichorid, A Child & Spider
Outcome 1-3 Loss