DMC vs. Incorporated 11-02-2007
Comment We had a good match vs. inc tonight. At first when we joined the server they had fat bullets switched off, we are used to playing with fat bullets, but after some discussion about what the default setting was we just agreed to play anyway. The match wen't good for us and we managed to win the HoP maps, but apparently Westside's argus didn't run properly, or wasn't showing on the argus website. When we went to Meat Grinder with the 2-0 lead they bailed saying we didn't live up to the match rules and regulations. We think it was a cheap way to bail on a lost match, we are still wondering why the server wasn't argus only, as we agreed when we set up the match, so Westside couldn't have played in the first place.

When the match was 'over' there was some msn communication which basically concluded that they felt we didn't live up to our end of the bargain whilst we pleaded that in fact they should've made server argus only as we agreed during the match-set-up-negotiations. They only mentioned that Westside's argus wasn't working during the second map, and while he was our last man in the zone. Well if anybody still has any doubt about Westside being legit, you can check out his fraps:

But most people know he doesn't even need anything to make him better. Besides that 18-11 and 12 headshot's isn't exactly shocking to say the least.

We'd welcome a continue match (they can make 2-2 of this result) or re-match anytime. And we'll make sure everybody is running argus, we just thought this would be played on an argus-only server so this problem would've never occured in the first place. For all other match co's out there, make sure you discuss this part of the match details properly and double-check your members when you join a server.

Still a half a GG Inc., no hard feelings from our side we hope you guys can understand our position on this.

Website 1Unit
Players Oely, Westside, Chinshan, KB11, KillerBeing, Ajuin, SandSpider & Ice
Outcome 2-0 Win (Still open for change)