DMC vs. IMF 17-01-2007
Comment We had a friendly match vs IMF tonight. Even though we had some discussion about the server as it was not an argus server and no IMF players were using Argus, we still decided to play the match. On the Meat Grinder maps we had some problems controlling the zone and therefore we couldn't clock any of the maps, we did come out on top and took both sides. On Eye Of The Dead maps we were quickly to reach the 10 minutes zonetime but the server wasn't set properly so we had to play on, during that time most IMF members left and the last one told us we had won the match.

Thx for the match IMF.


Website DFH
Players Sandspider, Ajuin, Westside, KillerBeing, Ludwig, Kneusje & Ice
Outcome 3-0 WIN!