DMC vs. GALowie 10-12-2006

We had our first match in months and it was..... cool. We didn't play to great but we did manage to take the first map. After that we were kind of lost without using any tactics and just shooting everything that moved. At the end of the second map we couldn't get the zone back and we lost it. After that Dust Devil was up and we lost those pretty bad. Still it was cool to see there are actually squads out there who don't use "creative solutions" to win. Even though they used a glitch every now and then it was still a cool match and they were the better squad.

GG GAL! And also all DMC members who participated in this match :)

Website DFH
Players Ludwig, Westside, Midget, Chinshan, KillerBeing, Ajuin & Ice
Outcome 1-3 Loss