DMC vs. eVolution 25-02-2007

We had a tough match vs. eVo tonight, it was particularly hard because we had to fight eVo and a bad case of lag. The problem was we weren't aware of the fact that eVo was a squad from the U.S. and we were playing on an U.S. server. We did play the whole match because we didn't want to be a bad sport over it, but we did cancel the TDM we had planned for later on. It was pretty dramatic, the first map we managed to win but after that it was going downhill. And when the HoP's started we had pretty much lost any hope on winning this match and we ended up losing it with 1-3.

Nonetheless the match was still as good as it could be under the given circumstances. So gg eVo and we'll cya around!

Website 1Unit
Players Chinshan, SpaceKip, Westside, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Oely, KB11 & Ice
Outcome 1-3 Loss