DMC vs Brothers of War 06-05-2007

We had a good match vs Brothers of war last night. The first maps were Eye of the Dead and we had little problems controlling the zone. Eventhough we didn't clock them we had it for most of the rounds, when they took it from us it was a matter of minutes before we took it back. After that the Meat Grinder maps were up. Here BoW lost there sixth player and this made it easier for us to control them. We won both rounds without breaking a sweat, we did try to use mp5's only on the fourth map but this didn't work out as the distance on MG maps is generally too big for MP5. So before the end we switched back and won the last round aswell.

All in all a GG BoW and we'd welcome a re-match anytime!

Players Killergirl, Westside, KillerBeing, Chinshan, WannaKill, KB11 & Ice
Outcome 4-0 Win